You land hard when you fall from the top.







Tulsa, Oklahoma near the original Black Wall Street.

Just sad

I guess that meme of DaQuan—the one y’all thought was funny—came true mhmmm 😒

These people

  • kicked their daughter out (left her at a homeless shelter)
  • found out she had left the shelter to live with a guy
  • tracked them down at 9 at night to yell at her
  • shot her unarmed boyfriend (killing him)
  • shot at her after she ran to hide in the bushes
  • shot at the bf’s 13 yr old brother (hitting him in the arm)
  • fled the scene 
  • were allowed to turn themselves in
  • were put on PAID suspension

Such bullshit

Attempted murder (and shooting at minors!)  only gets paid leave. The more one scratches the surface..

I like can’t even process the amount of racism and violence that has suddenly spiked. Not that it’s not like it was never happening but fucking hell I’m seeing a new story everyday about some child of color getting gunned down like an animal while white guys that shoot up schools and movie theaters get probation because “they where so mentally ill.” I hate the world

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it’s 2014 can we please stop pretending like it’s just a small majority of white people who are racist like please watch the news read a history book

read the comments on every article, every video

watch documentaries

Watch the youtube videos

Look on twitter

Look on tumblr

look on instagram

look on vine

Look outside

look on TV

They are way more than what folks want to believe

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Never Forget Them

Images from a candlelight vigil for Mike Brown in Boston, MA on August 22, 2014

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Basically. White folks got some nerve talmbout “you guys can’t separate yourselves it only helps the problem”. Like they wasn’t the ones who invented the segregation tip.

basically anytime a white person talks about malcolm x

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"Not seeing the entirety and severity of the problem IS part of the problem."

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